I’ve been sneaking around the About page since I started this blog because in this case, I seem to be pathologically unable to make up my mind what to write. Everything I say will define me!

But my stats tell me (every day, 3 – 15 times a day) that almost everyone who visits my blog goes to the About page, so I want to finally get on with it.

I know that there are a few things I definitely am, so I’ll just list these things out and circumvent the decision making part because that way I can extend the list indefinitely, and you’ll never know!

I am:

  • In my early thirties
  • A content writer, or copy writer if you will
  • Female
  • A feminist
  • Engaged
  • Trying not to wreck the planet
  • A gardener
  • A cook
  • A bit of a baker
  • An animal lover
  • A nature lover
  • A fan of Wicklow
  • A wild camper
  • A fan of Margaret Atwood’s
  • A reader
  • A fixer
  • A feeder
  • Convinced I could live on potatoes and bread alone (apart from the old scurvy)
  • Really bad at maths


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